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A Better Way to Review your eLearning courses

The most common challenge to reviewing eLearning courses and other media is having a convenient place to record comments and feedback. Spreadsheets, e-mails, documents do not work. Due to the lack of any structure, issues can become confusing to implement, and tracking them becomes a job in and of itself.

Inspector alleviates all of these problems by providing a centralized location to review eLearning courses and other multimedia content. All your reviewers will be able to access your eLearning or multimedia materials from anywhere at anytime.

From our own experience, and that of our many clients, adding Inspector as your eLearning Review Tool to your Development process is proven to improve communication, quality and productivity.

Inspector ensures that all issues are gathered in a standardized format and stored in a central location. Information is transparent to everyone and review information is not lost.

Automated notifications for review completion means your eLearning or multimedia developers can start working on the feedback right away, improving your development process.

All issues are tracked to resolution so it is clear when they have been addressed and the content is ready for delivery.

Inspector supports most major eLearning Authoring Tools, by providing automated tracking of SCORM published courses, making the review process and resolution of issues a breeze.

Contact us for more information or to get a free trial. Inspector will change the way your team performs reviews forever.

eLearning Review in Progress



A centralized eLearning review tool prevents duplicate effort, and helps team members manage their tasks to be more efficient.


By tracking issues from creation to resolution, you can make sure all problems have been fixed before delivery.


Assign reviews and issues to specific team members; track course, review version and issue progress and deadlines.

Better Reviews, better Results

Increase productivity through real-time collaboration.
A simple UI makes it easy for reviewers to know what they need to address, allowing them to complete tasks faster with less oversight.

Inspector's Main Features





Work anywhere, anytime.
All of your information is recorded in a centralized location so nothing is lost.

Reviewing a course

See all assignments and reports for your team. Quickly delegate issues and know when reviews are completed.
Streamline your process and keep everyone on the same page.

Course summary

Inspector is compatible with most major eLearning development platforms.
It tracks your review progress in SCORM published courses so you do not have to.

eLearning Development Platforms

Full 256-bit SSL encryption and separte databases to keep your data safe.
Each user has a password-protected login. Administrators can easily manage access rights to protect proprietary content.

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